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Joey Vance, DC, DACNB

Putting the pieces together: Dr. Vance has a passion for health and wellness that is personal. In his last year of chiropractic college he suffered a major concussion from a bicycle accident. This left him in a great deal of pain, with severe brain fog. He developed a tremor and experienced daily episodes of dizziness. He sought treatment by a chiropractic neurologist, and under their guidance performed specific neurological exercises along with some dietary changes that helped him regain function. Subsequently, he delved fully into the study of functional neurology. His goal as a healthcare provider is to restore your quality of life and improve neurological function. Dr. Vance is constantly studying to learn about the brain and its impact on health and how he can become a better clinician.

What is a DACNB?

Dr. Vance is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. As of 2014, there are less than 20 DACNBs in the state of Oregon. Completing the diplomate requires an additional 350 hours of post-graduate study in neurology through the Carrick Institute and passing the licensing examination for the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Diplomates use functional neurological approaches to examine and treat their patients without drugs or surgery.

Getting Well

It takes time and team work. Restoring function and wellness is a process and it takes commitment by the patient as well as the doctor. Some patients will see immediate positive results with care; others may have smaller gains over a longer period. Chronic and complex cases may take several months of care, but most patients will experience relief very early during treatment.
Initially, A thorough work up and evaluation is performed to determine if your circumstances are responsive to a functional neurological approach. Most patients are given neurological exercises, which they will need to do with some regularity for best results. Specific supplements and changes to diet may be included in the treatment program, along with labs, imaging, and referrals to other health care providers as necessary. Lifestyle changes to decrease stress may be recommended as well.

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Who Can We Help?

You don’t necessarily need a diagnosed disorder of the nervous system to benefit from care. Most people have some form of subtle neurological imbalances. When the brain functions appropriately we see faster mental and motor response times, improved stability, decreased pain, and greater well being. The brain plays a role in all physiological functions of the body.

In addition, many cases require active rehabilitation and participation by the patient.  Dr. Vance will identify specific exercises that help to create stability and plasticity of the nervous system. Everyone’s brain loses neurons throughout the course of their lives, but that doesn’t mean we must become more dysfunctional by the day. Some people are able to maintain their function better than others. We’ve all seen the 80 year old who kept his or her wit and intellect at very high level despite their age. This is due, in large part, to healthy plasticity—when neurons make strong and efficient connections, despite declining in number. In a word, plasticity is neurological learning. Just like it takes time to build strong muscles or learn to play an instrument, improving neurological dysfunction requires focused rehabilitation of weakened pathways in the brain.