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Putting the pieces together: Dr. Vance has a passion for health and wellness that is personal. In his last year of chiropractic college he suffered a major concussion from a bicycle accident. This left him in a great deal of pain, with severe brain fog. He developed a tremor and experienced daily episodes of dizziness. He sought treatment by a chiropractic neurologist, and under their guidance performed specific neurological exercises along with some dietary changes that helped him regain function. Subsequently, he delved fully into the study of functional neurology. His goal as a healthcare provider is to restore quality of life and improve neurological function. Dr. Vance is constantly studying to learn about the brain and its impact on health and how he can become a better clinician.
Who Can We Help? You don’t necessarily need a diagnosed disorder of the nervous system to benefit from care. Most people have some form of subtle neurological imbalances. When the brain functions appropriately we see faster mental and motor response times, improved stability, decreased pain, and greater well being. The brain plays a role in all physiological functions of the body.

Do you suffer from migraine or chronic headaches? Chances are you’re missing out on a lot of life due to pain. While taking over the

  If you’re an Oregon driver who’s been in an accident, chiropractic care is covered by insurance (in most cases). Your car got fixed, now

Are you struggling to get through the day due to nagging shoulder pain? If you find yourself avoiding simple tasks like putting a plate in

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After chasing pain from fibromyalgia, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, sciatica sacrum pain nerve pain firing all over my body for 20 plus years, my daughter suggested I see Dr. Vance who is a chiropractic neurologist. Feeling somewhat guarded, as I have tried many areas of treatment through the years, i started treatment on June 5, 2015. i left totally pain free. I’m sure most people would think that to be impossible as I did, but it is very true. i continue to see Dr. Vance and as of June 24th, I am back to doing all activities I use to do…


Cognitive Impairment Prior to seeing Dr. Vance I was experiencing serious cognitive problems that were making my day to day life more and more difficult. My symptoms, which were growing increasingly worse were 1) memory loss 2) an inability to think logically or make decisions (even small ones like what restaurant to eat at for dinner) 3) blanking out in the middle of a sentence while speaking, with no memory of what I was going to say 4) an inability to retrieve my words and halting speech that left me speaking in short phrases with many stops and starts.  No smooth complete sentences for me! Slowly I withdrew from social activities…


Unrelenting Shoulder Pain “I began to see Dr. Vance a couple of months ago for severe persistent shoulder pain.  I had tried acupuncture, massage therapy, surgery and medications to treat this for over 2 years.  Dr. Vance used a combination of Chiropractic and Functional Neurology to treat the pain.  I am virtually pain free in my shoulders today and I’m back to playing my favorite hobby–golf!   Dr. Vance greatly helped my quality of life including my ability to sleep.  He is approachable, he listens to you and cares about you as a patient.  I highly recommend his practice.”